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. . . the publishing imprint of science writer Daniel Mathews. That’s me.

Our biophysical world fascinates me: I share that fascination via prose and images. I follow the scientific literature, I like talking to scientists, and I want to help the broader world stay abreast of what scientists learn. I don’t dumb it down, but I do take care in weighing exactly how much and which terms of the technical vocabulary will work in popular-level prose without inducing rigor mortis. I’m known for touches of humor, lyricism, and intensity.

This website has four sections with distinct purposes.

Publications presents the books and apps, and has links to where you can buy them.

Bibliography lists scientific papers whose findings contributed to my newest book, Natural History of Pacific Northwest Mountains.

Writing presents samples of my work. It may interest you in reading more of it, or hiring more of it.

Columbia Gorge Flowers is a set of 19 species selected and adapted from the app Northwest Mountain Wildflowers for viewing on monitors at the Multnomah Falls Visitor Center. Or here, of course.