BleedingheartDicentra formosa (di-sen-tra: two spur; for-mo-sa: beautiful)

Corolla pink, ¾–1″ long [20–25 mm], pendent, irregular in an elongate heart shape consisting of two fused petals hiding a smaller pair of fused petals inside; the 2 sepals fall off early; 6 stamens; seed pod growing as long as 2″ [5 cm] out through the corolla mouth; panicles of 5–15 flowers on leafless 12–20″ [30–50 cm] stalks; leaves fernlike, compound and cut into many narrow segments.

Habitat: Forest openings at low to mid-elevations; coastal WA, OR, BC (plus a few reports from the Columbia Mountains).

This article and photo are adapted from Northwest Mountain Wildflowers, an app for iPhone and iPod.